Next Generation AI On-Chain  Analytics Platform

Lamina is a market analytics platform designed by traders, for traders. Lamina Trade offers trading signals and social analytics based on on-chain data processed by AI and help traders make right market decisions.

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We are community-driven organization that is established to provide a one stop solution for all kind of traders and trader's analysis in the Digital market world. We aim to empower our users with a comprehensive solution by providing them a one stop platform where they can get all the on-chain data in the world.

Intelligent Market Analysis

Access super intelligent market analysis tools powered by the Lamina protocol, utilizing advanced algorithms and predictive models trained on over 70 million on-chain analysis data. Make informed decisions with real-time insights, identify market trends, and uncover potential opportunities to enhance your trading strategies.

Exclusive Trading Tools

Unlock exclusive trading tools by holding the Lamina Token (LAMT). Benefit from cutting-edge features that streamline your trading experience, including advanced charting, customizable indicators, and risk management tools. Boost your trading efficiency and optimize your portfolio with the help of Lamina's AI-driven platform.

Portfolio Growth

Maximize your portfolio growth across multiple exchanges with the Lamina protocol. Seamlessly integrate with your preferred trading platforms and save valuable time and resources. Leverage the power of automation and intelligent analysis to make the most out of your trading activities and stay ahead in the market.

Lamina - THE AI Analytics Platform

Join us in revolutionizing the trading world with our innovative platform and AI/community-driven approach.

Join the most advanced trading AI technology

We are bringing you the world’s first on-chain algorithmic technical analysis that will be your one stop over in every market sense. Our protocol will help you make better market decisions without the hassle of searching and researching through the ocean and tons of information on the internet, before making the right decision.

With our user-friendly interface, you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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$Lamina- “The future of Trading”

The Lamina ecosystem offers users the opportunity to stake $LAMT tokens to earn daily credit rewards and access platform features. Staking is crucial for long-term engagement and platform stability.

The Lamina Token grants holders access to exclusive features, trading tools, trading bots, discounts and rewards that are not available to the general public.

Lamina Trade have come to provide you real time analysis that will greatly improve your market decisions using cutting edge technologies that will integrate both on-chain and off-chain real time data to make 90% accurate suggestions in order to save you the time and stress. Our Lamina protocol will help you grow your portfolio with our on-chain algorithm powered by the best trading AI technologies

How To Buy $Lamina


If you have ETH in your wallet, select the relevant tab in the buy widget and enter how much ETH you wish to swap for Lamina tokens (LAMT). Take note of the gas cost, then confirm the transaction.


If you have USDT in your wallet, select the relevant tab in the buy widget and enter how much USDT you wish to swap for LAMT tokens. Approve USDT, take note of the gas cost, and confirm the transaction.

Buy with BNB

If you have BNB in your wallet, select the relevant tab in the buy widget and enter how much BNB you wish to swap for Lamina tokens (LAMT). Take note of the gas cost, then confirm the transaction.

$LAMT 8 Million Token Airdrop

Like free tokens? Lamina supporters who help us reach our presale target will be given a huge Lamina airdrop! The reward will be based on your cumulative referral amount. To participate, follow these simple steps:


Purchase $LAMT In Presale

Join the Lamina community and buy Lamina tokens via the presale widget.


Share Your Referral Code

Once your purchase is complete, refresh the page and copy your unique referral code and share it.


Earn $LAMT Airdrop

You’ll earn a share of 8million $LAMT based on your referral link’s total amount raised.

LAMT Tokenomics

TOTAL TOKENS200,000,000200 Million
public sales104,000,00052%
founders & team18,000,0009%
reserved funding18,000,0009%
exchange listings14,000,0007%
referal & airdrop8,000,0004%
trading competition8,000,0004%

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